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Bob Fitrakis speaking on the stolen election of 2004

Crossposted at Daily Kos , My Left Wing , Booman Tribune and ePluribus Media On Monday of this week, I attended the Rainbow PUSH September Summit , which brought members of a variety of activist groups together to "create connections" and learn about four key issues: Voter Suppression / Fair Elections Minimum Wage Increase Diversity in Public Pension Fund Management Education Funding Reform What follows is a transcript of part of the Fair Elections panel, which was the last panel of a very full morning, and why Cliff mentions wanting to "move things along"... Cliff Arnebeck: We have a dynamite panel here, and we're going to do this in a Q and A format in order to move this along. First I'm going to introduce Bob Fitrakis. Bob is the editor and publisher of the Free Press , a leading internet publication in the world, right Bob? (loud applause and cheers, drowning out the beginning of the next sentence) the cutting edge of real time reporting on th