We've moved!

The new address of Howard-Empowered People is http://howardempowered.blogspot.com

Please change your bookmarks or links to reflect this change.


  1. Howard Dean is always first!

  2. And last, and always!


  3. Gee, Renee, my timing is impeckible. I just gave the shadowbfa address to one friend and one listserv. *sigh* I suppose they'll find the message here and click through. But, I'll have to remember to send messages and to change the link at DAFD. *hoomph* Efficient people! *grin*

  4. Well, Catreona, the person who squatted on my original Religious Left url kept it forever without putting any content up, so there's no reason I can't keep this up for a while. People can just click through, as you say.


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